The killer semester

Well, the second semester of the second year of Journalism is upon me.  No really, it’s bloody well on top of me, crushing me and I’m only one week in.  My thoughts keep drifting towards reading week, that is when I’m not struggling to breathe through my collapsing lungs.  Reading week, sweet, sweet reading week, you are but a month away and you shower my mind with the dear, dear dreams of the lovely vacation that you promise.  
I’m a little worried about the assignments that I’ll have to complete this semester, hence my desire to put my mind elsewhere.  I swear, I don’t think univesity students do this much work.  College is tough.  It’s hard, and I can damn well understand why so many of us drink.  So many of us students drink… ah, heck, so many people drink in general ’cause it just makes getting up at 7am worth it.  Don’t ya think?  Which reminds me.  I haven’t had a cigarette in 10 days!!!

About humanbeen

I'm a has-been that was. I'm a dreamer that does.
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