there it goes

The worst summer in ten years is finally over and I have no money to show for the complete lack of work I did due to having a weather dependent job. So now, after a rather dismal federal election that has me imagining an even more dismal future for my all too Americanized country, I have decided to listen to Fox Mulder and fight the future.

To begin with I have decided to embrace the rain and search for rainbows, preferably the kind with pots of gold and nasty speaking little men at the end of them. I have also decided to bid adieu to my beautiful country, corrupted by illusions created so vividly by our dear control-seeking southern neighbours. Yes, I am leaving the land of the free-to-pretend-not-to-see-we-have-no-real-rights. While our government continues to jockey around and play the blame game rather than make any real decisions, I will be off in a country a little less messed up than ours. My only hope is that when I return half of this country will have woken up and realized how our Americanization has stripped the very rights from us we thought Americanization would give us. 

What ever happened to Canadianization? Or is that only something that happens in Manitoba?

Yes, the worst summer in ten years. The worst because of the weather. The worst because I have no money. So now that autumn is here, I hope a good leaf turns over for me before Mr. Harper asks whoever the new president of the US is what he should do with it to turn it into something that works for big money.


About humanbeen

I'm a has-been that was. I'm a dreamer that does.
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