T-minus 15 days

A few months ago, perhaps four, I met a guy in a random and haphazard way. We were drinking at the fire and for some reason or beer-reason I felt compelled to kiss him. Now I know men fairly well and I nor anyone else should be surprised that he kissed me right back, such is the way of men. Since that time, however, we spent a vast majority of our days off getting to know each other full-well knowing that I would be leaving on Nov. 6 and any type of relationship that developed would certainly be lost over the distance of six months. So what was the point?

As this day gets closer, my decisions to continue seeing this man have become more perplexing and saddening.  Life, however, always wins. So he has decided to go south for a few months shortly after I leave, shortly after dropping me at the airport so I can go gallivanting across a foreign land with any number of other men  (or women)– as those are predominantly the people I meet in skydiving. Who knows what he’ll experience in California or Pennsylvania. I just hope he lives his time well.

So after having spent two days with him this week, and after having woken at the ridiculous hour of 5 a.m. two out of three days to drive places, I have begun tending to the number of tasks I have to complete before I leave. Luckily, whilst helping this man find a Halloween costume, I happened across a luggage sale at Zellers. I bought a suitcase, though not hard-shell, but a nice $150 Maple Leaf piece on sale for $41 to put my gear in. It fits perfectly, and I still have room to throw in some necessary rigging tools and perhaps a pair of shoes.

I’ve decided to put off getting my teeth cleaned. I figure what’s six more months when it’s been 10 years already. But my banking, cleaning, photocopying and last-minute travel arrangements will be taken care of today. The last-minute arrangement is wondering why I haven’t been issued a paper ticket. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to have one or if it’s an e-ticket. I need to figure that one before I arrive at the airport.

But other than all the prep work and the packing, which I will do two or three days before I leave, I think my mind is ready and my spirit is anxiously awaiting this adventure. I don’t know if it will be epic or just a common six months of my life lived in a different country. What I do know is my heart and soul have been craving this and no matter what happens, I know I will come back home, but I will have an adventure nonetheless and I will enjoy every moment because I’m free of restraint.

When I come home, life won’t be so haphazard.


About humanbeen

I'm a has-been that was. I'm a dreamer that does.
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