Christmas in the sun

I awoke Christmas morning without any presents to unwrap and didn’t bother me one bit. I had 20 minutes to get dressed before our lift to the day’s festivities arrived and, of course, I forgot to bring my togs – that’s swim wear.

The epic day began with champagne and fruit-filled crepes. We all watched Fiona and her boyfriend unwrap their presents, because, let’s face it – we were all missing home a little bit and I think we were all jealous. That didn’t last long though.  We had enough alcohol to fill a small pool and we were all quite determined to drink it all.  Champagne, beer, bourbon, wine and tequila all came out to play. It got messy.

I could go on and on about the pool, water ball fight, fire show, drunken dancing and the other shenanigans of the day, but that would just be cruel. After all, I did say it was epic. Probably, it was the best Christmas Day I’ve had in over a decade.

So, what do I write about then?

Well, Skydive Abel Tasman decided to host an Orphan’s Christmas Boogie and sporties actually showed up! We were also allowed to jump. Unfortunately the helicopter jumps were cancelled and so was the beach jump, but I’m sure the chance to jump both will arise again. So far I’ve only done two jumps, but they were both quite a lot of fun. On the most recent one I went for a sit Simon-says with Pete and Susan – from Scotland. As I deployed I watched Pete spinning down on his back with his head pinned to his chest and his legs out in front of him – lots of line twists. I shouted at him to cut away, knowing full well that he can’t hear me.  There’s something about watching someone having a mal that encourages me to tell them to react. Finally he cut away and his RSL ensured he had line twists on his reserve. The video footage is great. There’s Pete hooting that his reserve is open, but he still has lots of twists to kick out of. More importantly, however, we found his main and freebag within five minutes of searching. Oh, and then he paid me to pack his reserve. Gotta love it!

The best part of this week is probably going to be work. One of the packers has to leave every afternoon to go to their second job, so I get to fill in. I know there are people who still don’t understand my affliction for packing, but honestly, I don’t want to find a normal job whilst I’m here. I don’t think I could handle it. HAHA.

So I spend my days at the DZ or at home. It’s not too bad, except that I have raccoon eyes right now. Stupid sunshine! I walk through the orchard looking at all the kiwifruit and apples growing in the sun. I’m tempted to try one, but I think I’ll wait until they get a little bigger. Unripe fruit is bound to be disgusting. I’ve heard the kiwifruit grown here is actually Chinese Gooseberries. I’ll try and figure that one out. There’s a fruit and vegetable stand across the street from where I exit the orchard. They have the freshest vegetables and I often spend more money there than I can eat.

Truthfully, however, I miss home. I don’t miss the snow, but I do miss snowboarding and my friends and while I know I’ll be home in just under four months, I can’t help but consider changing my ticket.


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