And what if the stars change?

Orion is upside down. I only noticed that the other day. When I saw it I had to think logically about why it was upside down to me, and after a few minutes I understood. Other than that, the sky is fairly normal here, but it doesn’t prevent some feelings of loneliness I’ve been having. Not that stars should curb that, but I suppose I’m sentimental that way. I like seeing familiar things. I’m super glad I’m on this adventure and I’m having a wonderful winter/summer experience, but it’s difficult being away from all my friends and my family in Ontario.  It’s also difficult not having wheels, not that the two of them fall into the same category. The freedom of wheels, however, is not to be under estimated, especially when you’re so used to having that freedom. Luckily that should be remedied in two days. It would be nice to go to the beach when I want to. Of course, that would mean putting on a bikini and exposing my curves to the innocent onlookers on the beach. Meh! It’s summer and I need to go to the beach!

I’ve been trying to motivate myself to start running again. How do people do that again? Oh, that’s right – they put on a bikini. I did job for about two weeks before Christmas, but I have yet to throw on my shoes and go for a jog since. I can feel my body changing from the lack of running and eating boy-size portions of fatty fatty food. Knowing myself, I bet I’ll be back up to a 4 or 5 km run in a couple of weeks.  Especially now that a certain friend has just purchased a gym membership and I need to make certain I look better than them when I return. What? There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

The good news is that I’m working. I even got staff shirts. Of course, it’s only part time, but it’s enough for right now. I’m sure it’ll afford me a gym membership, which would be better, because I hate running on pavement.

I walk a lot here though. The houses are almost all bungalows with corrugated metal roofs. Another odd feature, at least in my neighbourhood, are the many houses that sit behind the street facing houses. In between our house and our neighbour’s house is a long driveway splitting the two properties and leading to a house behind both of ours. I suppose this is a side-effect of the orchards and in-accessible tree-locked property. I am also growing fond of the mailboxes along the sidewalk. Most people have a cylinder built into their box or fence for flyers or newspapers too. I suppose it keeps them dry. Most of the boxes are birdhouse shaped or just straight up boxes with a locked compartment below the slot for the mail to drop into. I saw the mailwoman the other day and she delivers the post on her bike – another convenience of mailboxes being along the sidewalk.

For the most part I’m spending my days at the dropzone with the only people I know. I have cleaned the tub, despite my first impressions, I did not need a sandblaster, and I have enjoyed a few baths this month. I haven’t had a bath in a year – the unfortunate result of living in a tiny apartment with a stand up shower and living in a trailer. I forgot how nice they are. I bring my puzzle book with me and just relax, hoping that the half-assed latched door stays shut and the guys can’t peak in. I put the shower curtain in the way just in case.

It has been two months since I left Canada. I have heard about the cold and snow and I guess it doesn’t faze me too much because I was in Ireland last winter. Perhaps the memory of being also absent last winter makes a lot of this trip feel normal, or at least not being in Canada feels normal. It makes me wonder what I’ll do next winter.


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