You are a real dream that I got to have. A little present in a great big box. You are the glitter on snow flakes and the jiggle in laughter. You are the twinkle in sand and the softness of a hug. You are a slow dance on a moonlit beach and a just-cause-I-love-you sweet little treat.  You are the bounce in my step and the flip in my smile. You are the glint in my eyes and the hope in my heart. You are the strength in my motion and the will in my words. You are a dream – a most excellent dream. You were a real man that I don’t get to keep and if I weren’t so strong I’d most certainly be gone. You were my lover and knew the most intimate me. You were my future. You set me free. Your death was my worst nightmare. And now you’re stuck with me. Until I go – until my time, you are stuck in my heart and stuck in my mind.


About humanbeen

I'm a has-been that was. I'm a dreamer that does.
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  1. MaryP says:

    very beautiful, Sheri

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