on this rock

So the sun rises everyday. But really, the earth is turning and the sun is basically stationary other than moving along some trajectory in outer space towards some place this lifetime will never experience – maybe. So the sun doesn’t rise. The earth turns and it’s too complicated to explain, so people say the sun rises. The truth is altered to appease basic understanding of how this world works. Is it any wonder that everyone in the world has different ideas of what’s real and what’s not when the biggest constant of daily life is explained wrong?

Earth has always been in outer space. Sometimes it’s far too easy to envision standing on a rock that is hurtling through the universe. Most people don’t see this simplicity. They complicate it. They incorporate continents and countries, counties and cities, streets and houses, and while all of these are on that rock called earth, hurtling through outer space, these other ideas create blinders to that truth. Then there’s money and work and food and sleep. Friends, families and niceties, manners and customs, tradition and folklore, the past, the present, the future. Life is so compartmentalized that the big picture window above is so often ignored because people spend all their time just trying to put things where they belong in their head and their physical world. Life really isn’t that complicated, but it’s made out that way. But there’s something to be said for complication – it sure isn’t boring.

Life truly is simple, until death enters it. Death has a way of complicating the made-up world and the simple world. It ends life. It’s hard enough coping with the idea that humans may be the only species in existence in the universe, but when a person finally makes a connection with another person, a deep and profound one that helps eliminate the innate loneliness each one feels to their core, and then that person dies, it complicates the simplicity of everyday life. And then the made-up world completely gets complicated. Loss sucks. All most people ever want in life is to be loved, to no longer feel alone, to have purpose. It’s easy to ignore death when it’s absent, and it’s easy to ignore that no one knows what death actually is. But it’s not easy to ignore the loss a person feels deep inside when that connection is lost. Simple becomes complex because human beings are not simple beings. Death eliminates life, and that darkness  is scary.

But life goes on. The earth may turn. The solar system may be travelling through the universe. Humans will live and die upon this rock that is filled with billions of simple systems that comprise a complex system of more systems that creates life on this planet. But people will still say the sun rises in the east. They will still say they live in this country on that street. They will still say they have a last name, politely, with a history and wish for the future which they may never see. It’s because each one knows they will not be here forever that many possess one amazing quality that continues to make the complicated seem simple, despite so much effort to make it otherwise. They possess hope. Hope that this isn’t all there is. Hope that the loneliness will go away. Hope that they will see their loved ones again. Hope that come death this existence will finally make sense. Hope that come death they will finally make sense.


About humanbeen

I'm a has-been that was. I'm a dreamer that does.
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