in too deep

Some connections are too deep. They are intertwined in the core nervous system, enmeshed in the raison d’etre, linked to the sense of reality. Some connections are so deep they feel as though they were always there and it’s confounding how things could ever have functioned once upon a time before. But connections are necessary. They are real, and though invisible, can be life threatening when unplugged. Their removal can cause unmitigated sadness, incompletion, disaster, ruin, outrage and authentic pain. Some connections are too deep. Life cannot exist without connections, though. That, after all, is life.

Depth is a tricky thing. Too, is a whole other kind of conundrum. It is perspective that messes with most of it. But perception is an entitlement. Yet, it can also be a gift, to be had or given. And messes are always self-enduced because of that, regardless if the trigger is controllable. But even then it could be said that life is serendipitous, or it could be said life is created along the way and nothing is set in stone. Either way perspective creates it. Besides, things already done can’t be undone, only the perception can be changed. It is tricky though because it depends how deep that perception goes, and then what too deep is perceived to be. It just gets messy.

Connections are neither good nor bad. There is nothing that can be done about them. They exist because they must exist and despite popular belief, there is no such thing as a fake connection. Some connections just don’t run so deep, and depending on the perception of depth, that statement is neither right nor wrong.

Some connections when severed are always missed. And sometimes when these connections, these deep connections are detached, everything must change – every movement, thought, feeling, want, idea – everything must change because nothing can operate at all in the same way. Some connections are too deep and when terminated the only recourse is to move into a different life and live a different life and be of a different life.

But some connections are so strong that even when severed, even when removed, even when damaged, they can never disappear altogether. They are never the same kind of strong, but they are always the same kind of deep, no matter what anyone sees.

All connections are important. Some are just more enjoyable, some are just more likeable, and some are the ones that make life worth living. And connections aren’t just with people or pets. They are with all manner of everyday life – with a joke, coincidence, illness, dreams, colours, feelings, food or even a deja vu. We are all connected. It’s only a matter of how deep we go.





About humanbeen

I'm a has-been that was. I'm a dreamer that does.
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