what to pack?

She might look small now, but that blue baby is bigger than me when at capacity.

I bought an Osprey Aura 65L backpack. Overkill, right? The luggage I had originally purchased didn’t seem to fit with my ideas of my travel in my coming years, so I returned it to Macy’s and got my $145 back. Today whilst I was writing this blog, which had started out completely different, I did a quick search on REI’s website to see what the name of my shiny new pack was – for a more detailed report … and then I saw it. The lovely people at REI had put it on sale, one day after I shelled out $239+ for it. It’s new price – $169+. So naturally I drove to REI and got my $75 refund (taxes.) Had I not been too lazy to go to the bunkhouse and just look at my new backpack, I wouldn’t have done the online search and saved myself a whack of money. Which now leads me to believe, things are looking up. It’s a good omen me thinks.

So while I’m sure I can fill this monster to capacity, I’m hoping to leave some room for my standard ceremonial souvenir crap. But this is far more difficult than last time. Packing should be easy, shouldn’t it? But as I rummage through my bunk room attempting to sort what I absolutely must bring to NZ and what is feasible to leave behind, I am finding it difficult to choose. Plus I’m beginning to think I have a distorted view of how much volume my luggage can hold. It’s making me wonder if I need to do a purge. I have too much stuff – even for someone who lives in a bunkhouse. Regardless of how attached I am to my eight black t-shirts with various logos and scribbles on them, part of me is thinking I should lighten my load, and not just the one I’m carrying to New Zealand.

The purge is easy. The choice is not. Do I get rid of the useful cooler that provides succulent beverages at boogies? Do I ditch the iPod speakers that are louder than my MacBook but do the exact same shit my MacBook does? Do I really need eight hoodies? And do I really need two skydiving helmets? Er … ok, that one, yes, I do. I suppose my choice here is to think far more open-mindedly. What if something miraculously more wonderful than my current life finds me in New Zealand? What if I don’t want to come back? What if I purged everything and still came back? Everything I could possibly want or need is still available to me upon my return – it’ll just look and be slightly different than the old stuff I had. And if I don’t return? Then I won’t have a whole bunch of stuff I’ll have to take care of from some foreign land. Of course, I think the trick here is to find a friend to store them who doesn’t care if I come back in April or two years from now. Or at least someone who will mail the stuff home to mom. And besides, I just saved some money on that backpack. Perhaps the world is telling me to take only what I need and let the rest be – I can buy it again some other time – at least up to that $75.


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1 Response to what to pack?

  1. sKY:: says:

    Ah, the age old dilemma of packing for a foreign land. I remember all to well the quandary about what to leave behind or purge. Ideally, if you have a friend that can store stuff away with no deadline, that would be awesome. Unless of course you feel like purging. Fantastic! Less emotional weight inn the end.

    I decided one time to travel through Africa on a 6 week overland expedition. I ended up in South Africa, fell in love and ended up staying 3 years! Luckily, I had an amazing friend in the UK who stored my stuff for that entire time. To be honest, I think that I still have stuff there! I obviously haven’t missed it. 🙂

    Good luck on your choices Sherri!

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