fish oils and silver

Experimentation is supposed to be interesting and fun. The very word brings up some pretty vivid images of what my idea of experimentation is. Unfortunately for me, especially as of late, this is not my luck. But it has been interesting. I have just finished my first week of taking colloidal silver. I’ve been reading up on it as much as I can. I’m beginning to understand it, and really it seems like the best alternative to try and fight whatever is attacking my joints. The doctors started with giving me Prednisone – which worked miracles. But the idea of taking it long term and having to be weaned off it, and the possibility of my adrenal glands never fully regaining their ability to make cortisol on their own doesn’t appeal to me. So on top of the 800mg of ibuprofen and 500mg of paracetamol I take twice a day to manage my pain, the fish oils and turmeric, I take 60mL of colloidal silver at the same time in hopes that it will kill whatever pathogen is wreaking havoc on my body.

Six weeks ago I went to the doctors here with a sore foot (which still hurts) and an arm I can’t seem to straighten (which still hurts and won’t straighten.) They blood-tested me for a few inflammatory markers, which came back positive, and gave me a prescription for 75mg of diclofenac – an anti-inflammatory. It didn’t do much. And more aches and pains started to occur. Many more. It got to the point where I dreaded waking up in the morning because it was a lottery as to what would be in pain. My feet always hurt. My toes. My arches. The balls of my feet. Sometimes my ankles. Today it is my knees. I try not to whinge about it. I keep working. And I’m totally baffled at how quickly my health went downhill. I cannot explain to anyone what’s going on inside my body, but I can say that I am woken up in the middle of the night sometimes by various aches and stabbing pains.

I went back to the doctors, a different one, who found my swollen knuckles (I have had one swollen knuckle on my left hand for over a year, and a ruptured distal joint on my left hand for the past six months) to be of great interest. He ordered more blood tests, which cost me about $150NZD to get done. Earliest indications point to rheumatoid arthritis. Yeah me. Somehow I feel like I should have seen this coming. But I can’t get in to see a specialist until May – and I’ll be back in North America by then. So while my immune system self destructs and attacks my joints, I am trying to cope with the pain any way I can. I am curious if it is rheumatoid arthritis or Lyme Disease. I question if it’s some weird form of cancer that just hit a tipping point. I really don’t know. But I do know this “flare-up” has lasted for nearly two months and I really really want it go away and give me back my body.

I’m hoping the next month on colloidal silver proves successful and some of my symptoms are alleviated. I’m hoping I’ll have great news by my next update.


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  1. sKY:: says:

    Hi SHerri
    When I was reading this entry, I was immediately thinking of rheumatoid arthritis. Can’t guarantee it will work for you, but I was taking it for my joints …. Diatomaceous Earth (Perma-Guard Food Grade Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth is the purest DE on the planet — make sure whatever brand, it is FOOD GRADE). I take 1 tbsp a day in water or juice. Just don’t inhale the dust as it is silica and will wreak havoc on your lungs. I can send you more info if you are interested. It’s dirt cheap (pun intended) at the health food store if you buy in bulk or even a pet / equestrian shop. Worth a shot maybe! It helps my Dad with his arthritis, if that helps.

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