amalgam removal done

There is something very unsettling about touching your tongue to the gaping hole your dentist just drilled in your tooth. All I could feel was the sharp outline of my molar and the emptiness where my amalgam filling used to be. Toxic amalgam. It was a few months ago that I decided to have my four amalgams removed. Ever since my auto-immune diagnosis I have obsessed with trying to find out what could’ve thrown my immune system into such disarray. (I even read traditional books.) At some point mercury toxicity cropped up and I wondered if the four little metal fillings in the back of my mouth could really have as much of an impact as others’ testimonies claimed. People attested their RA symptoms, their chronic fatigue symptoms, their fibromyalgia symptoms, their all-over joint and muscle pain just went away shortly after removing their amalgams. Some claim the two are unrelated.

I just finished my second appointment – my final appointment, so time will tell.

The dentist places a rubber dam, a big sheet of rubber with a hole in it over my molar. He then clamps the rubber to my molar and seals it with something akin to Locktight. I have suction under the rubber sheet, oxygen over my nose, tinted goggles, and a huge vacuum suction thingy in front of my face to help removed the vapours as they drill the amalgams out using plenty of water and more suction. There’s lots of precautions to help ensure I don’t get even more poisoned by the mercury in my teeth.

Dentists use amalgam, usually a silver, mercury (50%,) tin and copper blend because it’s easily pliable. The problem is that it doesn’t bond to the tooth. People can get leakage under the filling, and that can lead to decay and rot – which in itself causes problems. Also, some people believe that every time you bite or chew, the pressing of the amalgam releases mercury vapour into your mouth and therefore into your system. While the amount is minute, theories exist that this contributes to many auto-immune diseases as it is just another stone on the never-ending toxicity pile our bodies must cope with in our space-aged existence.

As my dentist is drilling out my amalgams he explains to me that I have had leakage under one of mine, and there was another problem. The amalgam acted like a wedge on my tooth. Every time I bit down it hammered away, eventually splitting my tooth. And there was decay. So now he had to drill even deeper to get the decay out. Then bond the crack. Then add a glass ionomer to provide some insulation as surely my nerves would not like this the next time I ate something hot.

After amalgam removal some experts believe chelation therapy is necessary. I’m not so sure about this. While there may be some kind of heavy metal poisoning going on in my body, it probably isn’t enough to warrant some heavy duty chelator. Cilantro, chlorella and a few other greens have been known to help draw out heavy metals from the body. The only problem is that sometimes they draw them out into the blood stream and then there isn’t really a failsafe to ensure they get eliminated. They just hover and wreak more havoc. Sometimes the kidneys can become overwhelmed by this process. Also, there’s nothing to stop the heavy metals from crossing the blood-brain barrier. It would be nice to be Magnito in this case, capable of pulling all the metals out of my body easily. But then, this is just experimental on my part. There’s so many differing views on amalgam toxicity, but when most European countries have banned its use in dental practices, I have to wonder why.

So $1200 later I am hopeful that I will begin to see some improvement in my joints. I’m almost wishing it. I suppose it won’t hurt to add a small amount of cilantro to my diet though. Just in case.


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3 Responses to amalgam removal done

  1. Julia says:

    If you’re worried about reabsorbing the toxins, try Zeoforce. It’s Zeolite in powder form and ensures a safe removal of toxins. Bentonite clay would also be a good idea. But I think reabsorption won’t be a big issue anyway. My husband used to have amalgam fillings and started a detox after he had them removed. He is still doing it every day. Green juices, lots of raw food, chlorella, cilantro, Zeoforce, vitamin B12,… You really want to remove the mercury that has accumulated in your body (especially in your brain… since you don’t want to get Alzheimer’s). I wrote an article about amalgam fillings on my blog. You can check it out at

  2. Sunshine says:

    If u think u have mercury issues, the the book by Andrew Hall Cutler is essential reading: “amalgam Illness”. Best $35 u will ever spend on yr health. Gooood luck.

  3. Georgette Hosking says:

    I have heard a lot that having mercury amalgam inside our mouth will cause serious ill effects. So how to check out the time at which we can remove it. Will there be any difference in the taste sensation after removing the dental amalgam?

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