and i will say

103_0236A million quotes exist to say why one leaves a place so dear as home. Why home no longer is quite home. Why urges rise to take flight and leave. Why for some the mere idea of staying evokes a grim foreboding. Deep in some souls the chains that bind the ease of home are soft like tin – not forged like steel. These souls were born to explore. They are not the status quo. They are the trendsetters and inventors of the new normal – long before their time. They are the creators of tomorrow. To them there will always be unknown lands.

The quotes, however, do not exist to sway the hearts of bygones and plebeians – and relate in simple soul-touching ways why convention is their kryptonite. Why they are addicted to supposition. Afraid to charge headlong into the world. Why invention should be scrutinised. Instead they breed a never-ending spree of quotes to make monotony okay. To keep them exactly where they are. To make stagnation the nouveau free.

Tallyho – I will one day cry. And from the tops of mountains I’d shout that I too am one of the visionaries! That I can transcend what I thought was nature and leap into the river of life! I will rip off the clothes that disguise me as common. I will jump from the mountain and gain notoriety for flight. I will transform the land and reshape the planet – all through the pinhole of one single mind’s eye. Fear will not sway me. My very will shall rust the might of chains. And they will quote me. Tallyho.


About humanbeen

I'm a has-been that was. I'm a dreamer that does.
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