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I'm a has-been that was. I'm a dreamer that does.

why i wear a poppy

If Hitler had won the Second World War, life as we know it would be different. Without letting the imagination go berserk, it is likely there would have been more wars, more corruption, more segregation, more death, more inequality and more … Continue reading

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can you feel the sun?

When I left home in 2010, I thought I was running towards something. Like I was full-speed trotting up the mountain of life, escaping from that wretched valley life pushed me into, headed for some golden peak near the sun. But … Continue reading

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a home among no houses

I love where I live. I can’t deny that, and often I profess it to people without needing to hear them ask where I live. I tell them about the garden, about the massive clawfoot bathtub in our wood-detailed bathroom, … Continue reading

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We value our freedom in the West. In many ways this so-called freedom is what makes the West – the West. We’ve gotten comfortable being passive about the strings that control us, the rules that run our lives, the armies that keep … Continue reading

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looking towards 40

With my 40th birthday looming on the horizon I’ve got my eyes to the future, albeit briefly, as I make my next moves in life. People often say you need to stay in the present, and I agree, but looking ahead helps … Continue reading

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happiness is?

Is your job supposed to make you happy? Or is it your home-life? Or is it a combination of the both? Are we meant to be happy with everything? Or are we meant only to be happy with ourselves? Are … Continue reading

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five years

I made it. I made it five years. Do I get a badge now? A congratulatory cookie? Is there some kind of database my name goes into detailing that I survived this … darkness? I really wanted to ask what … Continue reading

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the stages of breakups

Ah love. Sweet dreary love. It’s beautiful and wonderful until it all turns sour and you’re splitting up the towels, figuring out time-share custody of the dog and deciding who gets the friend neither of you really liked. When relationships … Continue reading

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feeling the rain

“I love the rain,” she conceded. A slight air of hope lingered on her voice as though her confession would alter time. “Actually, that’s only half true. I like the sound of rain. I hate when things are wet. I … Continue reading

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the ghosts of summer

There’s this feeling I remember in the late days of summer, like a ghostly breath creeping down my back. My hairs stand on end and I squint toward the sky, looking past the low damp clouds and beyond the flecks … Continue reading

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