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great expectations

There’s a voice in my head that keeps informing me that I’m probably forgetting something. To this voice I can only say, who cares? I’m leaving anyway. It was raining when I left San Diego. The cuffs of my jeans were … Continue reading

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when it’s time

I know I’m going to miss San Diego. I think about it as I wind my way through her streets, palm trees whizzng by, her architecture unexplored – I have left everything too late. This place is largely unexplored and … Continue reading

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what’s next?

I can tell it’s autumn. Being in San Diego that’s usually a difficult observation to make. The seasons just blend. But there’s this crispness in the air. And the sun is more south than in July. It’s getting dark so … Continue reading

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two months

I feel so incomplete without you here. There’s a hollowness in my gut and a black hole in my chest. My brain still feels like it’s on a spin cycle and my heart – it’s completely broken and grey. Two … Continue reading

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